Skin Care Professionals

Charles of “Charles & Co. Precision Haircutting” in Oregon. 

Using MoleMapper™

A skin care professional is any person who performs a service that enables close observation of a client’s skin. Barbers, estheticians, hair stylists, massage therapists, tattoo artists, etc. are all examples of skin care professionals. While we understand not everyone is going to feel comfortable going to the lengths that Charles did, MoleMapper™ is a tool that can be offered to clients as a way of empowering them to take control of their skin health.

Recommend the app to them if they have an iPhone. If they use the app, and both of you are comfortable with it, offer to take photos of their hard-to-photograph moles for them.

Charles’ Story

Meet Charles — he owns his own hair salon and has been cutting hair for over 35 years. A few years ago, a client was sitting in his chair and Charles noticed an ugly looking mole in his scalp. Charles’ grandfather died from melanoma, so he knew how dangerous the mole could be. He asked his client if a doctor had seen it and when the client said, “No,” Charles stopped the haircut, and with the client’s permission, called his dermatologist who was able to make an appointment with his client. It turned out to be melanoma. That’s the kind of action that can actually save lives because the sooner you catch melanoma, the better the prognosis.

You Could Save a Life

Melanoma is the leading killer among skin cancers. It’s one of the most aggressive cancers in humans. Even a small melanoma can be lethal. However, if melanoma is caught early, survival rates are high.

The number of skin care professionals far exceeds the number of healthcare providers in any given region. This is especially true in rural areas. You are on the front line for early detection especially for hard to see areas like the back or the scalp.

See it? Say it!

When you see something that seems “ugly” or that changes in some way, alert your client to it and encourage them to make an appointment with a healthcare provider.  You may save someone’s life.

For more resources, please visit the OHSU War on Melanoma’s Skin Crew page here.